• Increases calorie intake
  • Approx. 70 g carbs / serving
  • 27 g milk & whey protein / serving

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The Power Weight Gainer from Body Attack is suitable especially for people who are underweight and find it hard to put on body weight or permanently maintain the weight gained. These so-called hardgainers, who burn more calories at rest than others due to their metabolic activity and genetic predisposition, can gain weight through a high-calorie diet and strength training.

The body can only build up muscle or body mass only in the presence of positive energy balance at the end of the day. The body must be supplied additionally with 7,000 kcal a day to build up, for example, 1 kg of body mass. 500 kcal should be additionally supplied to the body per day because this high amount of energy mentioned above can be hardly ingested and also because one does not want to amass fat. The Power Weight Gainer from Body Attack can be a good support in this case to simplify the daily diet. Even if one meal is missed in a day, the Power Weight Gainer from Body Attack is a good alternative to a high-energy diet.

Adequate protein and carbohydrates should also be supplied to protect the body from muscle dystrophy. Therefore, one serving of the Power Weight Gainer provides27 g milk and whey proteins, which can help build up muscle mass. Over 70 g carbohydrates contained constitute the primary energy for the working muscles. Thus, the body need not resort to the emergency reserves, the stored fats and proteins of the body.

What are the other substances still active in the Body Attack Power Gainer?

  • The Power Weight Gainer supplies the body with the vitamins B1, B2, B6, niacin and biotin to build up and convert the carbohydrates contained to energy for a normal energy metabolism.
  • The folic acid and vitamin B6 contained are involved in the protein and amino acid metabolism.
  • Vitamin B12 may contribute to the normal synthesis of red blood cells. The red blood cells are involved in the iron and oxygen transport, and thus also responsible for the utilisation of nutrients.
  • The calcium and magnesium contained in the Body Attack Power Weight Gainer can contribute to the normal functioning of digestive enzymes to make the food more readily available for the body. Both minerals also contribute to normal muscle function.

Which products can the Body Attack Power Weight Gainer be combined with best?

  • In combination with the Body Attack BCAA Shots to improve the amino acid combination of the Power Weight Gainer.
  • With the Body Attack Carb Control bar, a 100 g protein bar that can help build up muscular mass.
  • With the Body Attack casein protein, another alternative for hardgainers to increase the daily protein intake and muscle growth.

Note: The consumption of Power Weight Gainer can have the effect of a strong weight gain!


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