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100% Pure L-Glutamine – 400g

For a balanced glutamiic acid and protein metabolism

  • 100% L-Glutamic acid
  • Pure amino acid with no additives
  • Very good solubility in water

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Body Attack 100% Pure L-Glutamic acid is amino acid powder that is free of additives and can be stirred well in mineral drinks and milkshakes.

L-Glutamic acid is a semi-essential amino acid. This means that the body cannot meet an increased demand for this amino acid, e.g. sports and diet-related, because its synthesis is too slow. This can result in shortage of its supply, which the body tries to compensate by resorting increasingly to the producers in the muscles. The result: Although the constantly running metabolic processes are protected, the muscle loses valuable mass. Usually, this occurs especially at high physical stress, as in exercise or dieting phases, where amino acids take up the task as energy producers and enrich the energy metabolism with sugar.

Body Attack 100% Pure L-Glutamic acid can provide for a balanced protein metabolism, especially if the body has increased requirement.

In particular, athletes with a higher metabolic load can benefit from the amino acid supplement. The fact that the energy metabolism is brought back to normal balance ensures smooth nutrient and energy flow to the body and muscle cells. Moreover, people who take little dairy and whole-grain products through their daily diet can supplement their daily requirement usefully by taking this product.

1. Worth knowing: What is L-Glutamic acid?

L-Glutamic acid is a semi-essential amino acid found mostly in the blood and the muscles. In blood plasma L-Glutamic acid assumes a buffer function by working with L-Alanine to excrete the ammonia resulting from protein metabolism as urea through the kidneys. In the liver and kidneys, L-Gluatmine is primarily responsible for the reduction of ammonia, which is why both organs are the largest glutamic acid consumers. The intestine and the brain also need a lot of glutamic acid. It is required continuously for the digestive and transport processes occurring in the intestinal tract and is available to the intestinal cells as an energy producer. However, the brain uses L-Glutamic acid for the production of neurotransmitters.

In case of increased energy metabolism and protein degradation, the muscles are the most important glutamic acid producer. The BCAA may also contribute to glutamic acid production in the muscles by being converted into L-Glutamic acid. This is why L-Glutamic acid plays a key role in protein metabolism and acid-base balance.

Which products can Body Attack 100 % Pure L-Glutamic acid be combined with best?

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  • With the Body Attack Isotonic Sports Drink, which provides water and minerals and maintains the physical and mental performance.
  • With the Body Attack BCAA capsules that takes up an equally significant role as an energy substrate in the energy and protein metabolism.